Your Class Notes

Begin by gathering all your class notes together (since the last exam). Note the emphasis on the word your, as in your class notes.

Your first step in preparing for the upcoming exam is to recopy your class notes. Your goal is not simply to recopy your class notes to make them neater than when you originally created them in class. "Neater" may indeed be one of your goals (although you may have been neat when you created the class notes originally).

Your goals for the recopy are:

1. You will organize your class notes. Your class notes are, by default, organized by day or class meeting. As you recopy your class notes, organize them by topic, concept, or method. 

2. You will draw your attention to the "how to" portions and the "why" portions of your class notes. As you recopy, pay special attention to how methods are applied and why methods are applied in some situations (and in some ways) while not in other situations (or in other ways).

3. You will review (and possibly redo) all examples and exercises done in class. As you recopy, take the time to carefully review the hows and the whys of all examples and exercises step-by-step. If you have any questions during this part of your review, please consult a classmate or me.

Last Revision: January 13, 2009