Comprehensive Study Guide for BUS 229

Whether you are just trying to get through the course or really trying to understand the content (or some combination of both), you have come to the right place to learn the best methods for mastering BUS 229!

In order to put these best practices into a specific context, imagine that you are preparing for an upcoming exam. What are your best resources for preparing for this exam?

Your best resources are your class notes and the textbook.

You should begin with your class notes and then continue with the textbook.

If applicable, you should also review past quizzes, assignments, and exams.

The class period before each midterm exam is set aside for you to ask questions about anything related to the exam  material that is unclear in your mind.

After carefully reading these pages, you may be wondering why you should prepare for an exam in the manner described here. If you'd like the down-to-earth, bottom-line, pragmatic answer to that question, then read this page. If you'd like a more substantial answer to that question, then read this page.

Last Revision: January 13, 2009